Clinic Historical Background:
Al-Jazira Clinic, in Al-Khobar city, is considered one of the medical leaders that provides its medical services in all levels and in all basic specialties. Since its establishment in 1973 until nowadays, the clinic is putting it best efforts to present the best distinguished medical services. It is achieving a progress in this field that grows year after year with the largely growing attendance authenticated by the annual statistics. Since its establishment the clinic is aiming to provide the highest level of medical services daily around the clock by a comprehensive team of consultants & specialists and through providing medical equipments with high medical technical levels and provide everything that may facilitate the patients visit to the clinic.
Our Vision:
We aim to become a medical facility that uses state-of-the-art technologies with a prompt & organized level of patient services in a manner where Out Patient Clinics integrates and the patient & doctors lives in a family atmosphere.
Our Mission:
To provide distinguished medical service that is safe, high-quality and for a suitable cost with our commitment to continuous development & improvement and the optimal use of available resources from our qualified medical staff & modern technologies in order to contribute effectively in raising the level of medical care in the region.