We established a department of Home care, were in at preset the services of Nurses are made applicable, which will be further extended with Doctors, Physiotherapists, sample collections etc.

PROCEDURE followed under the department :  

Initial contact:

  • When the family or relative contacts Al Jazirah Clinic for the service, they will be directed to the Administrator on duty.
  • The family will be requested to proceed to Al Jazirah Clinic (ER) to make the necessary arrangements with the ER Doctor on duty, Insurance team and/ or ER reception team
  • Final decision for the visit will be by the ER Doctor on duty based on the information obtained of the medical condition of the patient as per the family member.

Nursing, Medical and Reception:

  • When the decision is made that the visit will happen, the nursing supervisor will be informed by the ER team leader or Head Nurse.
  • Nursing supervisor will arrange the nursing staff along with the hospital transportation.
  • A doctor will be allocated to attend to the home visit and will be the responsible person for the team members.
  • Reception staff will manage any payment.

Documentation Requirements Before Departure:

  • Home visit form will be completed with information provided by the family member.
  • For EMT- Patient Care Report (PCR Form)

Other Requirements for the home visit:

  • Home care kit
  • Other: as per the case

Documentation at Home visit

  • Home visit form (initially completed at the hospital)
  • Nursing Notes or any relevant notes as per the history obtained (pressure ulcers)
  • Doctors progress note
  • Prescription
  • Doctors order